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Discover the untamed beauty of wildlife through exquisite fine art.

Kathy Conroy is a fine arts scratchboard artist with over 35 years of experience in all mediums. She now specializes in scratchboard art and can create a stunning masterpiece for your own home, or a gift for loved ones. 


Original Art

Wildlife art is Kathy's speciality and passion. She has a long list of animals in nature she has finished and sold, and even more she is excited to complete on scratchboard! Once completed, she showcases them at local art fairs for passersby to fall in love with and hang in their homes to cherish for years to come. 

Pet Portraits.jpg

Commissioned Work

Kathy can create anything you can dream up! Got a furry friend or two you want to honor and display in your home? Kathy will receive a picture of your beloved pet and bring it to life in scratchboard art. Her clients often request pet portraits, human portraits, or other animals they love.



Not only do you have the option of purchasing a one of a kind original work of art, but Kathy also sells prints of many bestseller originals. Whether you want your favorite scratchboard image printed on a notecard, or a specific size of something, Kathy will deliver something exquisite!

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